Friday, September 10, 2010

Of the original 70 riders registered for the Motorcycle Cannon Ball Run, 44 made it to the Wright Brothers National Memorial for the start of the run. It is a beautiful 76 degree morning with a slight breeze off the Altantic. The riders departed in front of a few hundred people cheering them on. Off we go!
He made it! 

1 day down, 15 to go.


  1. Go, Bill, go!!
    How many miles today? How sore is your butt?

  2. What does Pigasys have to say after the first day ? Did you pull into the checkpoint in time for Kyle to fill up the tank. How are the the distaff members doing ? AND how is your back ?

  3. Made all the checkpoints, I was in 4th place after day one. The back is fine. I did enjoy not riding the rain today. I am choosing my battles and waiting for the plains.