Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maggie Valley

Day Three: Maggie Valley, NC
Last night we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. Departure time was 7:30 am and I have to say the Harley-Davidson Team 33 bike was flawless today. A small short in the magneto left the kill switch inoperative at the end, but I would rather have it keep running than not! 104 miles today as they let the singles run 1/2 a day. The Smokey Mountains would have killed the field. Thumbs up to the German duo of Dieter and Katerin who ran the whole course and made it in with just seconds to spare. They are determined!
Tomorrow they will let us start from just out of the mountains and run to Chatanooga, TN. I can't believe I have ridden a nearly 100 year old boardtrack machine nearly 300 miles. Most riders are on 1915 three speed twins. Single cylinder, single speed bikes are getting hammered out here. I can't wait for the plains!
Leaving in the Foggy AM
Welcome Party at Wheels Trough Time Museum
Kevin from Waukesha Rode down! Go Badger Heritage Chapter!


  1. love the space-your Packers jersey. How is the Blue Bullet supply holding out ? It would appear that in addition to being an intrepid racer , you are a totally suitable ambassador for the Badger state. Go Team 33 !

  2. Great stuff Bill. Keep it up! Great to see such fantastic crowds at your stops. I am sure that they will get bigger as word spreads.