Saturday, April 21, 2012

Take your pick!

I picked up these engines last week and need to pay some bills. My loss Your gain. Get them while they are still here!
1912 HD Belt Drive Complete B.Offer.

 1909 Wagner Single Number 514 B. Offer

NOS 1941 Indian 741  B. offer

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Firestone Racing (not so) White tires & Freewheelin' it!

I spent the day trying to match the patina of the original white rubber starter pedals on the Indian. In doing lots of research over the years, I have discovered, not only are the original tires white, but so are a lot of the Torrington pedal rubbers. This shows up in factory & original pictures. I scored a pair of original white Torrington pedals for this bike, and they are nice.. so I had to match the brandy new white Coker repro tires. I think it came out ok.. Now to do the second one.
 Here are the pedals with the clutch setup. They are sweet!

I also had some time to reassemble the rear Freewheel clutch and brake for the '15 single racer, and put it back in its original skin.
 The real deal!
 Brake side!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Great day today! Almost 70 degrees, so Kevin G. and I headed down to Mike Langes and got to help him and Casey K. haul Mikes boardtrackers out of the loft and fire them up. Of course , before you do that you have to move a half dozen killer hotrods! Great day making some great noize! Then to The House of Guinness for a pint to re-hydrate! I love Saturdays!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paint Match!

So the Indian was missing a rear stand and we figured it should have one for display. So, I had to match the original paint on the rest of the bike... Here's how it turned out.
 Front wheel on!
 Crustified mounting hardware...
 Crustified tank mounting straps.
 The oil tank all cleaned up.