Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cool other blog..

I am a member of the Vintagent blog, and it turns out Paul was at the finish... Check out his site...
We are in Daavenport tonight and will be home tomorrow. See everyone at the H.O.G. for happy hour! Save me a Sierra!

World's Slowest Harley

We are on our way home, but having a hard time trying to find good internet in our cheap motels! We have gone through Yosemite, Nevada, and yesterday took us to Bonneville. We had to pull the bike out at get a pic. Here is Tim and I at the Historical Marker. Rather than the world's fastest Indian, I thought we would coin the bike, "The World's Slowest Harley!"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

California here I come.

5:30 PST
I did it.
I am here.
17 days, I can't really sum it up. It needs to soak in. I am going to the banquet right now, and it is almost over. I got a call from Bill Davidson from the factory today, and Karen Davidson was here to greet me. I feel like I added another page in Harley-Davidson lore. When I got my offcial mileage at the pier, it was... I mean this is scary, 1,903 Miles. 1903, the year Wilbur and Orville flew in Kitty Hawk and the year 3 Davidson's and a Harley started the greatest motorcycle company on earth. Creepy. My dad called and told me he was proud of me. I really proud of my family, they have been awesome. I think I will let it all soak in.
Wrench, Ride Repeat. Team FatDog H-D Museum #33 Signing out. We love all of you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We made it to California! Dad rode through the heat of the Mojave Desert today. Tomorrow Santa Monica!

We are off to Harley-Davidson of Victorville, CA, for good times and supper.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flagstaff Arizona, don't forget Winona...

I am in to Flagstaff and have totaled over 1800 miles and 8 states. I skipped the first 50 miles today as they were an awful climb. The bike was flawless again today. Some folks have rebuilt theirs over 3 times. Our German friends were both down today. They used our tools to work on their bikes. Deiters is down with broken front forks and Kaiterins was down with a cracked cylinder head and a bad exhaust valve. They have come from germany with nothing and are kicking all of our butts. it is the least we can do to help them out. They are real motorcycle folks and will stop at nothing. She is on a rigid 1907 JAP and has done 2500 miles. The vistas were amazing today. I was on a road for over 40 minutes today and was never passed either way with lots of time to look at real cowboy scenery. I am getting real good at singing to myself. Tommorow, I will take the day off to take my family to the Grand Canyon, which none of us have ever seen. I have nothing to prove anymore and want to spend some time with my crew as they are getting tired of going from parking lot to parking lot. We went out to dinner in downtown Flagstaff tonight and it was great. Arizona dealer Buddy Stubbs was there too,  I had push started him at the last stop today so he could make it in. The other singles had a hard day. Dave Kafton was trailered in. Paul Ousey broke down, no Germans, and Vince Martinico broke his rear axle. The HD Museum rig ran flawless.
* As a side note to yesterday,The rain we ran in was the worst rainstorm in New Mexico in recorded history, it surpassed a storm of 1929.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi everyone. I thought I would put up a few words. It was rough out there today. The rain was real bad and not the kind of weather boardtrack bikes like. With no front fender and limited brakes, I threw in the towel at the halfway point. 102 miles. The ride on route 66 was great as I was alone for over 40 miles and never saw another car, just one freight train and the engineer gave me a honk. Then the rain came. I got sideways 3 times and after making it to the lunch stop, the officials pulled us together to let us know a portion of the course had washed out and they were going to re-route us. Dave Kafton and I decided this was not the day we wanted to die. It was real smart. The weather took a turn for the worse and it got scary out there. One of the sidecar sweep riders was nearly rearended on I-40 and the car went into the ditch to avoid him. Dieter from Germany had catastophic failure of his front fork as both legs snapped and he skidded over 260 feet. Unbelievably, he sustained only minor road rash. I am picking my battles and we have some huge hills coming up and my bike is made for the flats. My body isn't made for any of this and I am pretty beat up. I have 1655 miles to this point and if it were all to end tommorow, I would feel pretty good about what I accomplished. Guys are still working on their bikes under the front awning of the hotel trying to dry out magnetos and carbs. My bike is ready and I am off to get some sleep.

...on the way to Albuquerque

New Mexico

Much has happened since we entered wifi-no-man's-land. When Team 33 left the hotel in Clovis, NM, we looked up the road to see Bill's blinking bicycle light was heading towards us. He was not able to get going more than 5 miles per hour. A quick change of a flapper valve and he was on his way. The crew was not as enthusiastic and decided to follow a half hour behind to see if he needed to be picked up. While it was a good decision to catch Bill doing 40 on Highway 60/84; giving us a thumbs up and sticking out his tongue at our flashing cameras; we were on the same road as Cannonballers. It was hard to pass them and even harder to watch every day drivers deal with them on the two lane highways. Everyone made it to beautiful Albuquerque, NM, before sunset.

O'Day and Bill correcting one more flapper valve. (Is it the real problem? To be continued)

Jim Dennie, on a 1915 Militaire.

Bill and the bike seek shade off a New Mexico highway

This morning started out cool with an orange glow over Sandria Peak. An hour after Class 1 hit the road (at 7:30am) the rain started falling, and falling, and falling. Part of the road washed out on the Cannonballers route. While a new one was established, Bill decided to come in on a flatbed after a hundred and nine miles on slippery, wet roads.

As for the rest of Team 33, Pigasys fell in love just outside Clovis, NM.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Saw three states today. Started out in Southwestern Oklahoma, crossed the Texas panhandle, and landed on the eastern edge of New Mexico. The good folks at High Plains Harley-Davidson welcomed us with open arms and a hot meal. We moved into the Mountain Time Zone and everyone is enjoying an extra hour to wrench on their bikes.

Bill is able to relax with steady climb of elevation instead of steep hills. His camera is available for shots of scenery and friends. The past few days various friends from around the area have joined him for stretches of the run. The support makes the ride more fun. Together, more or less in line, just keep truckin' on.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mixed messages: a Cassidy Blue live report

It's 5:30 in Oklahoma still no daddy. We heard from Lonnie Isam Jr. That maybe his clutch had snapped earlier in the day; but Allen Travis #14, said he saw my dad just 20 miles away with a swarm of photoagraphers by his side! We hope he will be here in about 30min from now.

Wrench ride... HERE HE IS!!!!!!

Bound to Cover Just a Little More Ground

Bill takes off at 7 am today from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Just over the bridge begins a trek across Oklahoma. The Cannonballers will stop in Ada, OK, for lunch, then on to Lawton, OK. The terrain should be easier but the heat will add to the challenge. 276 miles.
This stunning photo used by permission of the awesome, talented, kind, and daring, Michael Lichter.

Found a little brass nut

Thanks to the good doctor for allowing us to use his tools.
Found the brass nut from the flapper valve - after complete motor rebuild.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Goin Down The Road Feelin' Bad

....Is the only way to describe yesterday. After leaving Mississippi, crossing the mighty river, I was on my way across Arkansas. A hosted lunch was ahead as well as a grand entrance at the Hot Springs convention center. 5 miles down the road I was dead in the water. The inside lock collar on my flapper valve came loose and I could not find it in the carb. Possibly it could have gone through the motor, but I was afraid that it ws still lurking inside. I loaded up, choosing to to chance my engine and we headed off to Arkadelphia to my good friend Scott Byrd's house. It sure was hard not to be riding, at watch other riders heading out. We had planned to head there for the day off, but we moved things up a bit. We went into major surgery mode and pulled the engine. and the rear wheel. Lodged inside the intake pocket was the nut. We also discovered the throwout bearing retainer had disintegrated. (We will deal with it today) So we will assemble and head out today. The hospitallity has been great at the Byrd's house. The girls got to swim and today, and we are getting the oil changed in the truck. Pictures to follow when Diane wakes up!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alabama Getaway>Mississippi 1/2 step

Two of my favorite Grateful Dead songs back to back! Today we left Tuscumbia Alabama, birthplace of Helen Keller across the Natchez-Trace Parkway, it was the best road we were ever on! We headed east to Tupelo Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis Presley. We were treated to an awesome lunch by the local fire guard and I swear the whole town came out. Then off across the heart of the delta. Gas was few and far between and the roads were rough. I couldn't wait for it to end! But tonight we crossed the entire state, and made the Mississippi River. I was happy just to get a running bike done (that was my goal) But tonight I have traversed over 1/3 of the country on it. I want to sleep all day tomorrow, but we have 195 more miles to do before the day off. Then we go into surgery mode and do some overdue work on the bike. I have some parts being overnighted and we are going to work at my good friend Scott Byrd's shop.. More later.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now Muscle Shoals he has the swamp bus..

Day 5 Muscle Shoals AL. I am in my 3rd state and almost 600 miles. I am probably the only guy to ever ride a boardtracker in Muscle Shoals! The bike is running great. I can't say enough about all the folks who have come out to see me. Today we were at Rocket HD for lunch in Madison AL. it was an awesome BBQ Real southern BBQ! I am a BBQ snob and I am so glad we are riding through the south! Jim , who you might know from Bike Nights at the HD Museum, has been following us from Kitty Hawk and was the first person I sawthere and then again at Rocket HD here in Tuscumbia. It is really great stopping at all our dealers across the nation and meeting all the great folks that work there and all the great folks from all over the country. Our good friend matt Olsen had an accident today, and so far we here he will be in good shape. He has worrked so had on his bike and even rebuilt the bottom end at Wheels Through Time 2 nights ago. The roads were rough today and they Claimed Matt's early Sears, we all are pulling for him to be well.....
Tomorrow Mississippi.

Got our Hands Full!

Leaving Maggie Valley, NC, was quite a trip. Our family has been to Wheels Through Time twice before; both in our trusty minican. Driving that Ram and hauling that trailer through the Nantahala National Forest was really something. The scenes were gorgeous. We watched the sun creep down the sides of the tree covered Smoky Mountains. We raced along with rushing rivers: winding road on one side with matching train tracks o the other. The temperature in the National Forest was 56; leaving the forest the thermometer jumped right up to 73. By the time we made it to Tellico Plains, NC, Diane and Cass were car sick!

We highly recommend the trip through Nantahala National Forest - but on a motorcycle for the most fun!

The support crew was happy to get on the highway and drive somewhat straight for a while. We arrived in the late afternoon to Chatanooga, TN. We were greeted by the nicest folks at Coker Tire Co. While we awaited the riders, we toured the Coker Museum and it's tire, machine, and metal shops. The riders started rolling in about 4:45pm. The sweep team was in by 7. Corky Coker spoiled us with a fine steak dinner and Tennessee fixin's. The Coker Tire Company also gave a set of replacement tires to all the riders using it's product for the Cannonball Run. We are grateful for the generous gifts. After the reception, the guys rolled into the garage to work on the bikes. It was a really beautiful site! Vintage bikes in a vintage, restored garage.

Early morning in Tennessee. The crews had to leave the tire company parking lot by 7 am. It meant we made it to Tuscumbia, Alabama, before noon. Alabama has expereinced high heat and little rain this summer. The rivers are shallow and smell a little funky. This crew found some grub at the Palace Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop in downtown Tuscumbia. It's no surprise we all had a long-overdue nap!

We heard from Bill around 1pm. He was at a hosted lunch at Rocket Harley-Davidson in Huntsville, AL. He'll have a long day to get to Tuscumbia. It is presently 95 degrees. We no longer squeeze tightly to our cell phones. We know he's in good hands with Kyle Oanes and Jerry Wheelen as sweeps for the Motorcycle Cannonballers.

H-D 1914 Twin.

The night shift.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maggie Valley

Day Three: Maggie Valley, NC
Last night we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. Departure time was 7:30 am and I have to say the Harley-Davidson Team 33 bike was flawless today. A small short in the magneto left the kill switch inoperative at the end, but I would rather have it keep running than not! 104 miles today as they let the singles run 1/2 a day. The Smokey Mountains would have killed the field. Thumbs up to the German duo of Dieter and Katerin who ran the whole course and made it in with just seconds to spare. They are determined!
Tomorrow they will let us start from just out of the mountains and run to Chatanooga, TN. I can't believe I have ridden a nearly 100 year old boardtrack machine nearly 300 miles. Most riders are on 1915 three speed twins. Single cylinder, single speed bikes are getting hammered out here. I can't wait for the plains!
Leaving in the Foggy AM
Welcome Party at Wheels Trough Time Museum
Kevin from Waukesha Rode down! Go Badger Heritage Chapter!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Day Two: Greenville to Concord. Left in the am with the support crew and fixed trailer in Mebane, NC, at a cool old tire shop owned by a guy named Evert. He let me use their floor jack to pull of the tires as the changed them. we did 4 tires in 45 minutes! Made it to Pat Rogers Speedway Harley-Davidson in Concord. Pat and his staff were great and fed us well, and I think the whole city of Charlotte came out to greet us! It was real tough on the riders today and 8 were hauled in. The parking lot is full of crews working on bikes to get them ready for the next days ride. Tomorrow I head to Maggie Valley, NC,. and the Wheels Through Time Museum. I am worried about the hills!


Day one: Kitty Hawk to Greenville

170 Miles. I made it. The National Championship in 1915 for 30.50 single boardtrackers was only 100 miles! Rough day. I lost the flapper valve on my Carb and spent an hour combing the ditch, but I found it! I also had problems with vapor locking on the 90 degree day, but I made it to the final check point with 1/2 hour to go. I am in 4th place. Got to the support crew and found they shredded a tire on the support trailer. Tomorrow is the toughest day. I am going to take a mulligan and get the trailer fixed. It is supposed to rain all day.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Of the original 70 riders registered for the Motorcycle Cannon Ball Run, 44 made it to the Wright Brothers National Memorial for the start of the run. It is a beautiful 76 degree morning with a slight breeze off the Altantic. The riders departed in front of a few hundred people cheering them on. Off we go!
He made it! 

1 day down, 15 to go.

Pigasys's First Banquet

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pigasys Visits Aviator Monument

Pigasys sweated through the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC. He thought he'd cool off in the Atlantic Ocean with Cassidy & Willa but alas he's a flier, not a swimmer. He missed out on some gnarly waves!
We have filled a vial with water from the Atlantic Ocean and will pour it into the Pacific when we arrive there in two weeks. It is symbolic of the mother-daughter motorcyclists, Avis and Effie Hotchkiss. They are the first known women to have crossed the country on a motorcycle. Effie bought the motorcycle and packed her mother into the side car and set off on their adventure in 1915!

Team #33

Kitty Hawk.

We made it! 6:30 am here is the view of Kitty Hawk pier out our hotel window. A year ago this was a crazy dream. Now it is a crazy reality. Today we will tech in, fix a few things on the bike. and Diane and the girls are going to fly some kites. This is an amazing place and I want to come back and visit some day I can't imagine the Wright brothers packing up their airplane and sending it here on a train, then by horse to the site just a few miles from here. In a very small way, I feel a bit what they must have over 100 years ago. Friday we ride. It is really starting to sink in.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last night

Look what we found on our way through Ohio!

Wrench, Ride, Repeat,
Team 33

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Thanks everyone for coming down to the Harley-Davidson Museum today! Because of you we now have an awesome name for our mascot. Pigasys!
Thanks Jeff Williams, for pinstriping our mascot! He turned out great!