Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flagstaff Arizona, don't forget Winona...

I am in to Flagstaff and have totaled over 1800 miles and 8 states. I skipped the first 50 miles today as they were an awful climb. The bike was flawless again today. Some folks have rebuilt theirs over 3 times. Our German friends were both down today. They used our tools to work on their bikes. Deiters is down with broken front forks and Kaiterins was down with a cracked cylinder head and a bad exhaust valve. They have come from germany with nothing and are kicking all of our butts. it is the least we can do to help them out. They are real motorcycle folks and will stop at nothing. She is on a rigid 1907 JAP and has done 2500 miles. The vistas were amazing today. I was on a road for over 40 minutes today and was never passed either way with lots of time to look at real cowboy scenery. I am getting real good at singing to myself. Tommorow, I will take the day off to take my family to the Grand Canyon, which none of us have ever seen. I have nothing to prove anymore and want to spend some time with my crew as they are getting tired of going from parking lot to parking lot. We went out to dinner in downtown Flagstaff tonight and it was great. Arizona dealer Buddy Stubbs was there too,  I had push started him at the last stop today so he could make it in. The other singles had a hard day. Dave Kafton was trailered in. Paul Ousey broke down, no Germans, and Vince Martinico broke his rear axle. The HD Museum rig ran flawless.
* As a side note to yesterday,The rain we ran in was the worst rainstorm in New Mexico in recorded history, it surpassed a storm of 1929.


  1. A couple days ago you said, “How many people can say they've gone over 1,000 miles in seven states on a single-cylinder board-tracker.” Amen, bro! Now over 1800! You're doing fantastic - just like I expected!
    I can't wait for the formal presentation at the museum this fall ;-)

  2. Fantastic blog Bill. Those Germans seem nigh-on indestructible.