Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Mexico

Much has happened since we entered wifi-no-man's-land. When Team 33 left the hotel in Clovis, NM, we looked up the road to see Bill's blinking bicycle light was heading towards us. He was not able to get going more than 5 miles per hour. A quick change of a flapper valve and he was on his way. The crew was not as enthusiastic and decided to follow a half hour behind to see if he needed to be picked up. While it was a good decision to catch Bill doing 40 on Highway 60/84; giving us a thumbs up and sticking out his tongue at our flashing cameras; we were on the same road as Cannonballers. It was hard to pass them and even harder to watch every day drivers deal with them on the two lane highways. Everyone made it to beautiful Albuquerque, NM, before sunset.

O'Day and Bill correcting one more flapper valve. (Is it the real problem? To be continued)

Jim Dennie, on a 1915 Militaire.

Bill and the bike seek shade off a New Mexico highway

This morning started out cool with an orange glow over Sandria Peak. An hour after Class 1 hit the road (at 7:30am) the rain started falling, and falling, and falling. Part of the road washed out on the Cannonballers route. While a new one was established, Bill decided to come in on a flatbed after a hundred and nine miles on slippery, wet roads.

As for the rest of Team 33, Pigasys fell in love just outside Clovis, NM.

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