Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alabama Getaway>Mississippi 1/2 step

Two of my favorite Grateful Dead songs back to back! Today we left Tuscumbia Alabama, birthplace of Helen Keller across the Natchez-Trace Parkway, it was the best road we were ever on! We headed east to Tupelo Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis Presley. We were treated to an awesome lunch by the local fire guard and I swear the whole town came out. Then off across the heart of the delta. Gas was few and far between and the roads were rough. I couldn't wait for it to end! But tonight we crossed the entire state, and made the Mississippi River. I was happy just to get a running bike done (that was my goal) But tonight I have traversed over 1/3 of the country on it. I want to sleep all day tomorrow, but we have 195 more miles to do before the day off. Then we go into surgery mode and do some overdue work on the bike. I have some parts being overnighted and we are going to work at my good friend Scott Byrd's shop.. More later.


  1. We are pulling for you! Nice to hear from you yesterday, good luck with your upcoming repairs and just think of those big Oklahoma highways that are ahead!

  2. Great to see your still running strong, Kristen and I are pulling for you and the whole 33 team!
    Sorry to hear about Matt, hope he is feeling better soon, thanks to the motorcycle gods the accident only claimed the bike and not his life.
    Keep up the good work, the whole Viking chapter is cheering you guys on! Randy