Friday, September 17, 2010

Goin Down The Road Feelin' Bad

....Is the only way to describe yesterday. After leaving Mississippi, crossing the mighty river, I was on my way across Arkansas. A hosted lunch was ahead as well as a grand entrance at the Hot Springs convention center. 5 miles down the road I was dead in the water. The inside lock collar on my flapper valve came loose and I could not find it in the carb. Possibly it could have gone through the motor, but I was afraid that it ws still lurking inside. I loaded up, choosing to to chance my engine and we headed off to Arkadelphia to my good friend Scott Byrd's house. It sure was hard not to be riding, at watch other riders heading out. We had planned to head there for the day off, but we moved things up a bit. We went into major surgery mode and pulled the engine. and the rear wheel. Lodged inside the intake pocket was the nut. We also discovered the throwout bearing retainer had disintegrated. (We will deal with it today) So we will assemble and head out today. The hospitallity has been great at the Byrd's house. The girls got to swim and today, and we are getting the oil changed in the truck. Pictures to follow when Diane wakes up!

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