Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now Muscle Shoals he has the swamp bus..

Day 5 Muscle Shoals AL. I am in my 3rd state and almost 600 miles. I am probably the only guy to ever ride a boardtracker in Muscle Shoals! The bike is running great. I can't say enough about all the folks who have come out to see me. Today we were at Rocket HD for lunch in Madison AL. it was an awesome BBQ Real southern BBQ! I am a BBQ snob and I am so glad we are riding through the south! Jim , who you might know from Bike Nights at the HD Museum, has been following us from Kitty Hawk and was the first person I sawthere and then again at Rocket HD here in Tuscumbia. It is really great stopping at all our dealers across the nation and meeting all the great folks that work there and all the great folks from all over the country. Our good friend matt Olsen had an accident today, and so far we here he will be in good shape. He has worrked so had on his bike and even rebuilt the bottom end at Wheels Through Time 2 nights ago. The roads were rough today and they Claimed Matt's early Sears, we all are pulling for him to be well.....
Tomorrow Mississippi.

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  1. Keep going Cannon Ball Bill. Trying to get pics to Diane.