Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harry Zona!

It is always special when one gets to take a break in the middle of an endless winter and head to warmer climates to squeeze a ride or two in. It is even better if you get to do it amongst great people and old iron. Here are some photos of a bit of motorcycle fun that happened last week. Our first stop is always to go see Ken and Dave at Highway Choppers in Glendale, AZ. These guys are the real deal and know their old iron. From teens to Twinkies they know it all and have been in this shop for 40 years. If you don't know them... you should. Later in the week I bumped into Dan MacGlaughlin, Ed Houser and Mike Cain and we got a great breakfast ride in as we were joined by Ed's brother and Knuck freak Ken Klockenga. At the end of the day we wound up at the Hideaway in Cave Creek and who showed up but Ken and Dave on their beautiful '65 and '60 Panheads respectively!
Ken, Dave, Fatdog and 2 '47 Knuck projects.

Dan's 1937

Mike, Dan, Ron, Ed, and Mikes lovely GF whos name I forgot!!!

'46, '47, and '48!

Dan gassing up the '37

Mike Gassing up the '48 Superman Bike!
Bartlett Lake with Dan, Mike and Jim on the Indian
Mike bumming on the headgasket he blew on the way down the mountain! 
Ed Houser, FatDog, Dave and Ken behind '63, '65 and '60 Panheads.