Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hillclimber Action!

During the last Cannonball the biggest problem I encountered was days with large hills. The single speed, single cylinder bike didn't lend much to tackling large hills. The only way to adjust gearing is to change out countershaft sprockets or engine sprockets. As it turned out I ended up running the smallest engine sprocket to get the most out of the bike ad it still wasn't enough. The rear clutch hub has a replaceable rear sprocket, unfortunately the only factory rear sprocket is 44 tooth. It turns out the fellows at Competition Distributing made a few 47 and 500 tooth rear sprockets as an afterthought. They never finished them and never went to market. Last week they put a couple on eBay and I was lucky enough to win the pair for $11.00. Today I made them fit, beveled the teeth, indexed them for fit to the hub and stamped them for teeth number, off to the plater tomorrow. Look out Wolf Creek Pass, here I come!

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