Sunday, April 15, 2012

Firestone Racing (not so) White tires & Freewheelin' it!

I spent the day trying to match the patina of the original white rubber starter pedals on the Indian. In doing lots of research over the years, I have discovered, not only are the original tires white, but so are a lot of the Torrington pedal rubbers. This shows up in factory & original pictures. I scored a pair of original white Torrington pedals for this bike, and they are nice.. so I had to match the brandy new white Coker repro tires. I think it came out ok.. Now to do the second one.
 Here are the pedals with the clutch setup. They are sweet!

I also had some time to reassemble the rear Freewheel clutch and brake for the '15 single racer, and put it back in its original skin.
 The real deal!
 Brake side!

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