Sunday, February 19, 2012

I am a bit of an "Eccentric"

Back to work on the Indian today. October will be here before you know it and with it comes the race of the century at Barber Motorsports festival. FatDog Racing will be campaigning an original paint 1912 Indian twin boardtrack racer. We can't wait.

Today I disassembled the eccentric and clutch. I cleaned and inspected all the parts and relined the clutch. I reassembled the entire works (less the actuating collar and set it up in the locked position. I had a reproduction compensating sprocket for the eccentric, but it will not fit on an original eccentric, so the decision was made to "lock" up the original clutch and run it that way. It looks great as there is a ton of nickel on the entire clutch under all the grease. Next, on to the rear wheel.

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  1. I'd love a little more in depth explenation on how it works and some more pictures. Us mortals have very few opportunitys to look into this jurassic mechanics.