Sunday, December 4, 2011

Original Paint!

I am in the process of transforming the '14 back from race configuration to original. Right after the cannonball I came across an original rear clutch/hub/brake assembly. These are extremely rare! I am going to use the (reproduction) wheels and tires I had on the bike for my twin racer project. I put all the original components I had back on the bike including front rim, pedals and gas tanks. Now, thanks to a good friend, I recently aquired an original rear rim. These are real tough as they are a 40 hole rim for 2 1/4" tires, and are hard to come by. I matched the paint on it to the rest of the bike and have ordered rear spokes from Bucannon's in CA. When they arrive I will lace up my original rear hub and get it dressed in it's original Firestone white racing tires! Stay tuned!

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